Personalising Maid Of Honor Toast Examples

You've been invited to become maid of honor and finding maid of honor toast examples is high on your list of priorities. You want to make sure your speech is perfect, but not difficult to write or deliver. Here, we'll give you some tips and maid of honor toast examples to make your experience a little easier.

If you're not an experienced public speaker, you don't have to stress. You're not expected to deliver a masterpiece, nor does it have to be long. As you'll see in your the examples we've provided below, your maid of honor toast can be short and concise, as long as it's meaningful.
Preparing your Toast

First, collect thoughts and facts about the couple. Make some notes at least a couple of weeks before the wedding day. Making a list of important things you'd like to consider including in your maid of honor speech is essential to making the process of writing your toast, simple and swift.
Next, you'll need to sort out your topics and decide if you wish to include them in your toast.
We suggest a format such as this.

Maid of Honor Toast Examples:

Make sure everyone knows who you are. Introduce yourself.
Thank the bride for including you in their wedding party and let everyone know how honored you are to be there.
Speak a little about how long you've known the bride and groom and add a little on how the couple met.
Talk about how their relationship has evolved and be careful what you say about the groom and his friends.
Try and come up with a humourous story that shows the personality of the wedding couple. Make sure these are all positive things. Toasts of this nature need to be deeply personalised. Show the wedding guests just how special the bride and groom really are.
Conclude your speech by letting the couple know exactly why you're so happy they're married and why you're delighted to be a part of their special day.


Bring notes and make sure you know what to say. You don't want to look silly when you're delivering your maid of honor toast, examples -
Don't get too personal
Don't embarrass anyone with your stories
Don't speak about sex, religion or politics
Don't speak about anything negative or depressing
Read your drafted toast out to a friend and get their opinions well before the day.
Make use of maid of honor speech examples to help refine your personal experience. You won't regret it.

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