Maid of Honor Speeches, Best Friend Speeches - How?

You're so excited, your best friend is getting married and you are the maid of honor. Only problem is, now you are looking for maid of honor speeches, best friend speeches. You know you will not have a lot of time to prepare the speech as there are so many other arrangements to make. Well, help is at hand.

In preparing your speech there are a few things you need to keep in mind;

Introduce yourself, not everyone of the guests know who you are
  Make a mention of your relationship to the bride
  Add a good story or so about what the two of you got up to (here it is important to check with the bride and groom that they are comfortable with what you want to say)
  Say something about how the couple met and how the relationship developed (once again, here you may know things that are not meant for all ears, probably not even the groom's ears!)
  When you decide on jokes, anecdotes or quotes, keep in mind that there will be children and older family members at the wedding and your speech must be suitable
  Make very sure you do not offend, insult or embarrass anyone at the wedding, including the bride and groom. Do not spoil a beautiful day by saying something inappropriate.

Maid of honor speeches, best friend speeches must add to the enjoyment of the wedding. Keep it short, between four and eight minutes, and you cannot go wrong if you keep these tips.

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