Creative Ideas For Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches

Maid of honor wedding speeches are meant to pay homage to the bride and wish the couple a great marriage. If you have been given this task, you will want to make your speech something beautiful and powerful. After all, you and the bride have a close relationship and you really want to do her justice. Bridesmaid wedding speeches normally follow a strict outline. The structure of weddings is really changing and maid of honor wedding speeches are too! Here are some ideas for creative bridesmaid wedding speeches.

One of the best maid of honor wedding speeches I ever heard was one that combined the entire family's emotions. A resourceful maid of honor emailed the immediate family and close friends 6 weeks before the wedding. She asked for short stories about the bride and feelings about the wedding. Then, the maid of honor combined all of these emotions into one heartfelt speech. The party was in laughter and tears, along with the bride.

Another way to get people involved in bridesmaid wedding speeches is to share the spotlight. It is becoming common for the best man and maid of honor to do a duo. You can even ask the other bridesmaids to help you out through the speech. This works very well when people have different, complimentary styles such as witty and sentimental.

A new trend in maid of honor wedding speeches is to use power point slideshows. This will first of all make the speech giving process easier for you because everyone's attention will be on the projection. You can get some great laughs by showing funny pictures of the bride while telling your story. Adding music or songs to the show is an easy way to create emotion.

If you are having trouble coming up with your own ideas for bridesmaid wedding speeches, try using poems or quotes about marriage. Really creative people can write their own poems. This almost always gets a strong emotional reaction. Just keep in mind that poems should be brief so the audience can follow the words and meaning.

When planning maid of honor wedding speeches, do not be afraid to try new things. There is no one way to make a speech. If you are a musician, you could play a song instead of speaking. If you are skilled in cabaret tactics, you could try to get the audience involved in a group tribute to the bride. Whatever approach you choose, it should be heartfelt, sincere and true to your personality. Good Luck!

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