Ideas for Making An Engaging Maid of Honor Speech

 Everybody thinks that the best man speech is the most anticipated speech among all the wedding speeches that are given at a wedding party. But a maid of honor speech is equally fascinating. If you happen to be the bride's best friend or her sister, chances are she might choose you to be her maid of honor. As the maid of honor, apart from carrying out the other important duties, you would also have to make a wedding speech at the wedding reception.

If this is the first time you are going to make a wedding speech like this, it's quite normal to become a bit nervous. The best way to overcome this nervousness would be to become familiar with your speech. So, the first thing you need to do is to get the speech written as early as you can. When you begin early you will get a longer time to practice your speech and eventually become accustomed to it.

Wedding speeches like all other speeches are made up of several topics that are related to the main subject of the speech. As the bride's best friend or sister you most likely know her like nobody does and hence there shouldn't be any scarcity of topics related to the bride for you to include in your speech. Here it should be remembered that you should also mention the groom and share your opinion about him. And be sure whatever you say about him is positive.

To spice up your speech you could bring up a couple of funny moments you shared with the bride - it could be a memory from the past when you two were in school or may be a more recent experience that you experienced together. It is fine to choose some sentimental incidents to share with the guests while making your maid of honor speech although your audience would most likely have a preference for something funny. The best idea would be to have a little bit of both - a combination of both the emotions in your speech is surely going to make it more engaging.

Traditionally a wedding speech is ended by means of toasting the couple and there's no reason why your maid of honor speech would be different. You can even think of a sweet little poem to recite when you toast the couple and congratulate them for an everlasting and happy married life.

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